Each treatment includes Aveda's ritual and consultation

Clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress, the Stress-Fix aroma with lavender, lavandin and clary sage is incorporate throughout this body massage combining Swedish and deep tissue massage along with foot reflexology, acupressure points and a guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate you. 1 hour - Euro 100,00

A complete body relaxation with different massage techniques depending on the clients needs. Deep massage or lynfo draining. This treatment use aromatic oils. 30 minutes - Euro 55,00; 45 minutes - Euro 75,00; 1 hour - Euro 90,00

A full body massage using different movements depending on the clients needs. The olive oil used during the treatment is extravirgin olive oil which is collected from our very own trees. 30 minutes - Euro 55,00; 45 minutes - Euro 75,00; 1 hour - Euro 90,00.

It is a complete body massage inspired to the Indian philosophy. Treatment that use warm oils for the psychological and physical balancing. The treatment includes massage with hands and arms to obtain a deep relax. 1 hour and 30 minutes - Euro 140,00 1 hour - Euro 110,00

It is a warm, natural oil flow in the middle of the forehead for 20 minutes for a deep relax. The treatment ends with shampoo and blow dry. 1 hour - Shampoo and blow dry included - Euro 55,00; 20 minutes - Euro 30,00

It is a particular ayurvedic technique that reduces swelling and dissolves toxins in the tissues. It is also efficient for arthritis, cellulite and water retention. It follows a rubbing of hot bags filled with herbs. 1 hour - Euro 130,00

After a turkish bath, our therapists will help You to remove. Your life stress and body tensions with the exclusive anti contractures massage. Worthy for the neck and the back for a complete and deep relax. 45 minutes - Euro 70,00 Steam bath included

This head and neck massage uses essential oils that have a balancing composition for your hair and skin, that creates a deep relax. 30 minutes - Euro 55,00 on reservation shampoo and blowdry - Euro 35,00

Thai massage or nuad bo rarn (touch to heal) whitout oil. It is an ancient techbique that combines acupressure points of chinese medicine with assisted strechting yoga inspired indian derivation leaving you a stat of lightness and an emotional  and spiritual upliftment. We recommend confortable clothing. 1 hour and 30 minutes - Euro 150,00 1 hour - Euro 120,00

A massage designed to eliminate muscle and joint tensions in different parts of the body. Ideal after intense physical activity or effective in the resolution of contractures or spasms muscle. 45 minutes - Euro 100,00

This treatment combines the benefits of hot lava stones and cold marble stones. Released slowly and uniform. The stones are placed on the body, on the strategic points limbering up muscles, relaxing the spinal column, releasing toxins, water retention and surprising effects mood. 1 hour - Euro 130,00

It is a no-stress treatment. This ancient technic blends an exfoliation with Dead Sea salts and the stimulation of foot reflexology. 30 minutes - Euro 50,00

Chinese ancient massage based on finger pressure technique for a deep relax, to balance the guest’s energy stream System. We recommend confortable clothing. 1 hour - Euro 100,00

It is an ancient form of yoga, using constant practice of asanas (static or dynamic positions) and pranayama (breath control) leads to the achievement of a psycho-physical balance, increasing the awareness and perception of the body to keep it healthy and strong.
Individual lesson 1 hour - Euro 100,00 Group lesson 1 hour - Euro 70,00 p.p. Individual lesson 1 hour and 30 minutes - Euro 120,00

It is a manual therapy that works for all kinds of affections craniosacral and coccygeal axis. The therapy acts in the following cases: headache, migraine, cephalea, neuralgia, cervical-arthritis, dorsalgia, lombalgia, diffused parestesis to the upper and lower limbs, head eyes and neck heaviness, muscular average and deep contracture, emotional state of stress. The craniosacral therapy includes a series of the techniques that reintegrate the functional balance of the person. time 1 hour - Euro 120,00