Masseria Torre Coccaro opens a new wellness space dedicated only to OLIVETHERAPY, the treatments are targeted towards the face and the body cures with several beneficial effects.
The treatments are manual and follow the rules of Ayurveda and Modern Beauty therapies. The focus is on the personalized cure of the person in order to have a much deeper effect..
They have several effects: antioxidant, firming and toning, drainage, fat reducing.
We use the fresh products from olives such as: olive paste, crushed sansa, oil of sansa, olive leaves) together with an exclusive line with high concentration of extra virgin olive oil.
The project involves 3 body treatments and 2 face treatments.

It has a detoxifying and restructuring effect on the skin and can be as a preparation for the body to receive more targeted treatments.
We start with a marine scrub with oil of “sansa” and crushed olive leaves, with this paste you will stay for a few minutes in the calidarium to receive a steam bath with extracts if olive oil and oleoeuropine (antioxidant agent from the olive leaves), after you will receive a remodelling massage with olive paste with multi-vitaminic creams. The olive pâté will stay in place for 30 min, meanwhile we will make an anti-age massage to the face with sansa oil and vitamins.
This treatment has a rimineralization and drainage action thanks to the presence of antioxidant agents and drainage manoeuvres. We prepare the skin with a drainage massage with butter of olive oil and microspheres to have a delicate exfoliant action.
Next there will be an idrotherapy treatment to drain even more the excess liquids ( the water temperature of the bathtub will be of 38° and will be mixed with and extract of olive leaves that gives back minerals and antioxidant agents.
Then with a massage will be layed a film of 1cm of sansa which has a base of drainage extract. We will leave the layer of sansa for 30 minutes while we do a drainage massage to the face with sansa oil