Our Bars & Cigar Lounge

Masseria Coccaro is full of secluded corners to relax

Our Tower Lounges in the ancient tower in front of cozy Fireplaces and contemporary art collection
The Pool Table & Cigar Lounge   with a selection of Cuban & Italian Cigars
The Music Room to the sound of a Piano or the record from the 70's of our turntable 
The Games room for playing cards or watching a dvd from our selection of more than 1000 titles 
The Library with more than 3000 books of Design, Fashion, Art and Culture or in the warm season 
The large lounges of the Ancient Piazza of the Masseria with great view of the Estate and the Olive Groves under a 1000 stars. 
Sunset Fruit cocktails at our Cabana Bar by the pool.
Our "Barman Zen" Natale will welcome you with a smile and will help you relax while suggesting our local aperitivos or making your favourite cocktail just the way You want It !